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Chris "Slarti" Pinard

LJlogin 2.1.5 release

Okay, technically, this isn't quite as complete as I'd like it to be, but I'm going to take advantage of current Firefox 4 providing a shim for extensions that still use the old status bar just to get this release out of the door, and work on one that properly uses the new Add-On Bar in a subsequent release. Thus, I'm now declaring LJlogin 2.1.5 to be officially released. It is likely that trying to get the browser to do the update itself will get you an "invalid file hash" complaint. I've seen indications that this is a Firefox 3 bug. In any case, if you get that problem, use the direct link; it should do the job just fine.

(I am, in fact, writing this post in Firefox 4 with LJlogin 2.1.5. FF4's a zippy little thing, seems like.)

(Also, if you're in Firefox 4 and you don't see the bar at the bottom with the LJlogin stuff, go to View → Toolbars and check on the Add-on Bar.)

In addition to what I'm calling preliminary FF4 support, 2.1.5 also has an update for the Scribbld site, reflecting its new (well, "new;" it's been that way for a while) URL, and fixes a couple of issues with session cookies and with the Login Manager.

And now, the semi-traditional list of links and other information for problems that might crop up that should go on the website one of these days; please try these first, especially if you're using Windows:
  • Having trouble getting LJlogin to log you in, even if it works just fine from LJ's website? Try going into the Privacy tab of the browser Preferences and making sure third-party cookies are enabled.
  • The New Profile Dance -- This is pretty much the general-purpose "LJlogin mysteriously stopped working" fix, especially for Windows users whose profiles get messed up remarkably often for no reason I've ever been able to figure out.
  • Password Exporter extension, which is useful for doing clean exports/imports of your passwords, for times when copying the password database files doesn't work because the files themselves are messed up somehow.
  • Why LJlogin logins don't work with ScrapBook.
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